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Count down to Christmas

1st November 2018

Not long now until the party season begins. Quick don't delay in booking your nail appointments as the dairy is getting full and I hate to disappoint anyone. I have loads of fabulous glitters and loving the stamps in gold, very festive. Look forward to seeing you all soon xx

CND Shellac Luxe

2nd September 2018

CND™’s innovative new gel polish system, CND™ SHELLAC LUXE™. The professional system sees two-step application and 60-second removal time. Developed for strong, healthy nails, the system sees a high-gloss finish and 14 day+ wear. With time-saving at the core of its ethos, the new line sees a self-adhering, all-in-one base and colour coat and a high gloss top coat. The micro pores in CND™ SHELLAC LUXE™ allow remover to penetrate the polish quickly, allowing for wrap-to-removal in just 60 seconds.

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Slight Price increase

2nd September 2018

Hi All, my prices have gone up slightly due to increase costs from my suppliers, but you can feel safe in the knowledge that you will be getting the best service and from the only CND Master Painter in Carlisle!!! xxxx

CND Master Painter

6th August 2018

Well say hello to Carlisle's one and only CND Master Painter. Woo hoo!! I did it and ive got a badge to prove it!!

Time for yourself!!

17th March 2018

I don't know about you but what with sorting the kids out, working, sorting the kids again and just general daily life I totally forget to have time for myself. I have made it my mission this year to try and look after myself a bit better because after all if I collapse from exhaustion who will sort the kids!! Be kind to yourself should be your mantra too.

Think how you would feel picking the children up from school after treating yourself to a luxury pedicure, total bliss. You would be relaxed and when you are being talked at nineteen to the dozen about x-box games or Harry Potter, like my son does, it will wash over you and you can actually enjoy the conversation as you are feeling totally relaxed!!

Pure Bliss!!

Summer is Coming!!

16th March 2018

I know it probably doesn't feel or look like it but summer is on it's way!! Time to think about having that pedicure to get your feet summer ready. What better way to wash away the winter feet blues by indulging in a Luxury pedicure, I use the best CND Marine products that smell divine and leave you feeling that you are walking on air.

A fabulous exfoliation and foot mask followed by a relaxing lower leg and foot massage. Then you could finish off with one of the gorgeous colours I have in CND Shellac. Flip Flop Fit!!!

Natural nails

21st November 2017

My mission is to get everyone having healthy natural nails... Yes Acrylics can look good but only for a couple of weeks until they start to lift where you natural nail has grown and this can cause infection as bacteria can enter under the lifting and cause fungal disease.

Natural nails can be strong and beautiful all you have is do is care for them, rubbing Solar oil in to your nail plate regularly gives them protection and drives fabulous nutrients deep into the matrix.


Come on ladies natural is best!!!

Autumn colours

16th October 2017

I am loving the autumnal colours from CND Shellac, a few of my favourites include Hand Fired, Crimson Sash, Berry Boudoir and the ever popular Field Fox. Also, by having one of the new top coats, Matte, Glitter or Pearl it gives them that little twist so your not the same as everyone else. Superb!!

Party season is coming!!

27th September 2017

So excited this year for the party seasons, what with the fabulous holographic glitters from Lecente and the new autumnal colours from CND its going to be an exciting time!!

The glitters are so beautiful I'm wearing them now!! Nothing like adding a bit of sparkle to your life!!

Come on in and take a look at them... 

Moroccan Tan Mousse

12th June 2017

Moroccan Tan!! We are talking fabulous ladies and gents!!

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IBX Nail Treatment

10th May 2017

Amazing IBX nail treatment for damaged or flaky nails.

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CND Marine Spa Pedicure

26th April 2017

Had a fabulous day perfecting my Spa pedicure skills. I even have a certificate to prove it, say hello to a CND Spa Pedicure Certified Professional!!

The Spa Pedicure begins with the stimulating mineral bath which softens skin, deodorizes and reduces inflammation. Followed by the salt scrub which gently polishes and conditions the skin ready for the cooling masque, which contains hydrating sea extracts, conditioning mineral clay and soothing botanicals to soften and exhilarate skin. Finishing with the marine hydrating oil which glides across the skin leaving behind a non greasy moisture and light fragrance.

The perfect summer feet tonic!!

CND Marine Spa Pedicure

4th April 2017

Having performed the CND Marine Spa pedicure numerous times recently the feedback from my clients has been fantastic. It  is proving a really popular treatment, the combination of the marine products leaves your feet feeling fabulous ready for summer. Give it a go you won't regret it!!

New Website

27th March 2017

Welcome to my new website. I am very excited to introduce Polished Luxury Nails to you.

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